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Gallery 5 Focal and Pendant Beads
Pendants & Focal Beads

$4.00 and Down
Special Pricing

Lapis Only
Pendants and Focals

Titanium Agate Druzy-sold out
Blue Agate
Crazy Lace Agate
Geode Agate
Agate Slices
Artistic Agates

Montana Agate Cabochons

Druzy Gallery

Just Malachite

Focal & Pendants


Just Turquoise Page 2

Fine Gemstones

Wello Opal
Boulder Opal
Peruvian Blue Opal
Ruby Rough

Sapphire Rough

Hearts of Stone

Limited Stock Beads

$4 and Down

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Tourmaline Gemstone Cabochons

Malachite Cabochons.com

   Hearts of Stone Gallery
Heart of Stone
Agate Gallery 
   Pendants and Focal Beads
Turquoise Gallery  
Limited Stock Beads
beads for sale

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Free Tutorials

New tutorial for
Drilling rocks or stones, and glass.
What tools you need and how it's done.

1. 5 Videos for Bezel setting Cabochons
2. How to Wire Wrap Cabochons
(This is the basic wire wrap - finish the top anyway you like)
3. Wire Weaving a Bezel for Cabochons (2 Parts)
4. Making-beaded-jewelry.com
Provides its visitors with step by step jewelry making instructions for beading jewelry.

5. Making a Viking Knit Bezel for Cabochons.

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Agates Only
Montana Agates Only

Lapis Only
Just Turquoise
Turquoise Page Two
Malachite Cabochons and Focal or Pendant Beads
Fine Gemstones - Small Cabochons
Hearts of Stone
Limited Stock Beads
$4.00 & Down, Closeouts

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